My Day in St Petersburg FL

I arrived to St Petersburg, Florida for the first time and the first thing I noticed was the cities rich art culture. I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, the Florida Arts and Craft center. The even had a Museum of western and wildlife arts. I loved that because I’m a wildlife lover. If you into wildlife you absolutely should not miss out on going there if you are ever in St Petersburg. They have events almost all year around. When I was there in the month of October, there was a celebration called Indigenous People Day. An event for all to recognize the culture of the Navajo Native Americans. I spent a lot of my time just lounging around in the scenic water front parks. My favorite was Spa Beach Park. Located right on the coast and also has a wilderness area inland that I explored. I was also surprised at the skating culture in St Petersburg. They had a few elaborate skate parks I came across and watched in awe as the skaters did some pretty wild tricks on the ramps and obstacles around the park. I ended my day eating out at the Red Mesa Cantina. Enjoyed the excellent Mexican menu.


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