Birds and Flying Pest Removal

Flying pests in a home can be dangerous and annoying. Birds are beautiful to admire from far, but when they get up close and personal, they pose a risk for you and your family. They can even be responsible for damaging your home.

Flying pests litter homes with their droppings and feathers and can spread parasites and diseases, making bird pest removal a necessity. The first step to bird control is determining their species, population size, location of problem, and equipment required for removal.

That’s the process a professional pest control company will use when they come out to your home to assess the situation. Bird removal often involves netting, trapping, and spike systems. Another type of flying pests are bats. Bats are classified as a pest species because of their tendency to live in houses. Bats live in the attic and chimney, leaving their droppings in houses, and swarming around buildings. Bats reproduce fast and can occupy infested areas. They can lay and hatch eggs in food and pose health and cleanliness risks.

Bat removal is a specialty service for professional companies, and bats are a common problem in many homes. They will perform a full inspection of your building to eliminate flying pests from your home. In the removal process the exterminator will enter the attic, let the bat fly out, seal up the house for permanent bat control, and clean the attic and walls the bats lived in.

Flying insects are another pest commonly found in homes, and can lead to bigger problems and financial losses if left untreated. If you’re seeing giant flies and gnats around your home, then you likely have an infestation.

A professional bird and flying pest removal St Petersburg FL , after inspecting and determining the right method to use, can help you select the best method for permanent removal. Contact us to learn more about our bird and flying pest removal St Petersburg FL services.

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